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My unique sound has been described by industry insiders as "an emotionally powerful vocal style, masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock & pop music!" Follow me here to get closer to me than ever.

The time is now. Check out my new Valentine’s Day music video for “Sweet As Sugar" released worldwide right now!

This music video comes just in time for Valentine’s Day to remind you that love can survive anything.

Valentine’s Day is usually at a time of year to celebrate love. Love is difficult to define, difficult to find, and even more difficult to survive. Love can make us strong but also weak. Love can get boring, even safe, and can be taken for granted.

This new music video tells the story of a couple once so strong that is now going through hardship. One was weak. One was strong. Only the strength of love can allow it to endure. But will it though??

This video is about the power of love. Valentine’s Day is usually considered a happy time. The video’s plot is about a rocky relationship with an emphasis on a lover who is stays steadfast by their lover’s side with unwavering love and support.

The Grammys?!?
My new CD“Your SMile"
is released worldwide right now!

I want to thank the Grammy committee on the nominees just announced. I was lucky enough to have had 2 songs sent to the Grammys for consideration. There are several rounds of voting and it starts with 80,000 submissions. I found out that I had 2 different songs accepted for consideration for a major category - Best Rock Song Of The Year! It was down to about 330 before they voted and picked the 5 final nominees.

I am humbled and thrilled to have gotten that far. Thanks again to the Grammys and also to my fans!

The time is now. Check out my new slow dance music video for “ You Should Be With Me (Not Him)" released worldwide right now!

This music video is about lost love and how to deal with a breakup. I figured what better place to set the music video than me out all alone in the ocean on a cruise trying to escape the hurt and the pain. Have you ever been part of a break up? Have you ever wanted your ex back? Being brokenhearted stinks, doesn’t it?

Do what I do - enjoy a breakup song (and the music video) with a pint of cookie dough ice cream and then watch some Netflix…

The time is now. Check out my new jazz song “GYpsy JaZZ" released worldwide right now!

I visited New Orleans before the flooding many years ago and loved the city (& Mardi Gras). I took a haunted tour and was just amazed at how cool the city was. It felt alive. I’m glad they’ve rebuilt successfully after the flooding and I wish the city nothing but the best. Being from Chicago and tapping into the memory I had of New Orleans, I wrote the jazz song - Gypsy Jazz. It’s a fun song about that swinging jazzy beat...

The music video comes out next week and of course, I’m in New Orleans...

I've never done a music video like this!

Is it bad to feel sexy sometimes? To wanna be naughty? The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Kygo, Skrillex and Diplo are all the rage and sell out concerts easily so I sat down one day to take a crack at a similar fun & sultry EDM sexy party song and figured a perfect time to release it would be the end of the s [...]

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Are we having fun yet??

This electronic song is about something we all love doing - going out at night. Regardless of your job, gender or age, there's a certain thrill & mystique about going out on the town with friends or a significant other, or both. Since it’s August and the middle of the summer, I thought this video should be about what I do before and after a concert…


My new music video for “PAuse" is released worldwide right now!

Summer is here in full bloom. Every single person on the planet has a favorite song, one they play repeatedly. Studies continue to analyze what makes a hit song a hit. A catchy chorus, infectious melody, inspired lyrics, timeless beats, the list goes on and on. To the human ear and mind, though, something just clicks. You just know it when you hear it, don’t you? My new dance/EDM song "PAuse" tackles this topic in a fun and unique way. So of course, shouldn’t the new music video do the same thing?

I'm in a summer mood. The response to my new summer pop song “Above the Clouds” has been overwhelming both in terms of fan response as well as reviews. I hope the new music video adds to that enthusiasm.

This cool summer pop song music video was so much fun to make. As a young boy, I always wanted to be an airline pilot and fly up in the clouds so given the nature of this song, I just had to have me up there in a single propeller airplane flying up above the clouds. The story is still the focus but with aspirations to make this my top song in 2017, I added a bunch of musical scenes of me singing, some guitar playing, drums and even backup female vocalists since that’s what the big placements want in their music videos. But there’s still a central theme and that is that no matter how bad a day you’re having, it’s always sunny above the clouds. There is always hope! Plz don’t ever forget that!

The time is now.

Check out my new rock funk song “Graduation Day" released worldwide right now!

One of the most memorable days for anyone is their Graduation Day. Whether it’s grammar school, high school, college or even professional school, it’s a proud moment. Graduating earns you a diploma but also something more - a sense of pride and satisfaction that all the hard work you put in paid off.

This rock funk song channels a happy vibe with an undercurrent of R&B emotion. There’s even a reference to the Greek school that my parents made me go to during grammar school!

The music video comes out next week and it’s an honest video about a college grad...

Thanks so much for being my fan!

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