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This StarPower page is focused on my YouTube Channel, cwx37, specialized on highly realistic (both appearance and mechanical) radio-controlled models of trucks (namely Tatra) and other utility vehicles. Here you can find video reports from public presentations of our RC club with emphasis on technical and artistic quality of videos and catching the atmosphere of the meetings. Some of the video reports come from meetings of historic trucks in the Czech Republic. Members of our RC club are invited every year.

RC model show "Domažlický modelář" in Domažlice, Czech Republic, 2017. The full story: http://www.drracer.eu/t130/20171112_domazlice2017

In this video, two awesome hand built scale models of Czechoslovak agricultural vehicles meet - Tatra 815 Agro and tractor Škoda ŠT180. These vehicles have been in use in many collective farms in Czechoslovakia since 1980's.

We've had a wonderful time and hope to meet again at some othe RC event.

Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming RC events :) .

Kopřivnické dny techniky 2017 continued.
This is the second video overview of our RC truck exhibition.
You may have noticed in the first part - a still standing LIAZ dumptruck was surrounded with heaps of sand. Let's see if it can drive out of it and help others with transporting sand.

Kopřivnické dny techniky 2017 continued.
This is the first video overview of our RC truck exhibition.
There was a lot of sand, a couple of excavators, a wheel loader and a tracked loader, several dump trucks and everyone was having fun transporting sand on model off-road ways.

Kopřivnické dny techniky 2017 continued.
For this video we've set up a small fire fighting demo - a few pieces of wood (in a safe distance from anything else :) ) was set on fire and we used our Tatra 815 fire fighting truck to spray water over the fire.
Once the fire was extinguished, Tatra returned while getting applause from the audience.

Kopřivnické dny techniky 2017 continued.
In this video I was recording a Scania dumptruck driving uphill. Accidentally, the truck rolled over and a recovery operation started. At first, Tatra 138 cable excavator came to help. Unfortunately, Scania was too heavy facing down the hill. With the help of Liebherr tracked loader we were able to rescue Scania successfully.

Kopřivnické dny techniky (aka Days of technics in Koprivnice in English) is a presentation day of several technology companies and schools to attract young people to study technics.

It was being held for the fourth time in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, on the famous testing polygon of Tatra trucks company.

As always, RC models were a part of the show. In this video Tatra 130 was turned into a movie truck - she had a Rollei ActionCam camera mounted behind the cabin (looking forward, right, left and also to the back during a rescue operation).
The video shots look very interesting themself. From the perspective of the model truck you can watch other trucks driving through the sandy model landscape.
Moreover, you can clearly hear my Tatra 130's sound simulator as she drives through the model terrain - including up and down gear shifts ;) .

Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming RC events :) .

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