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This StarPower page is focused on my YouTube Channel, cwx37, specialized on highly realistic (both appearance and mechanical) radio-controlled models of trucks (namely Tatra) and other utility vehicles. Here you can find video reports from public presentations of our RC club with emphasis on technical and artistic quality of videos and catching the atmosphere of the meetings. Some of the video reports come from meetings of historic trucks in the Czech Republic. Members of our RC club are invited every year.

This video is (almost) completely unrelated to RC truck models, but it was such a beautiful experience I had to share it with you :) .

For Model Olomouc 2018 - Sunday - RC Rock Crusher Model

The opening scene shows a powerfull rock crusher model that transforms large pieces of real concrete into fine stones
Then, there is some more off-road cargo transport with Tatra 6x6 trucks.
In the end, a 8x6 Mercedes Benz truck rolled over from a steep slope and has been recovered with a precisely controlled Liebherr wheel loader.

Read more at: http://www.drracer.eu/t130/20180304_olomouc/index.html


For Model Olomouc 2018 - Saturday RC show

This was our first RC show this year. In our simulated construction site environment many new RC models appeared.
All trucks and utility machines of famous vendors like Tatra, Škoda, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Liebherr, Scania, Praga and other
have joined their forces to transport sand from a sand quarry to build a new road.
During the day our spot was surrounded with spectators of all age.

The opening scene shows an interesting Liebherr Litronic prototype loading a container full of sand and transporting it to a nearby place.
Then, before joining the work, Tatra 815 Agro was washed by Škoda 706 RTHP fire truck.


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