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This StarPower page is focused on my YouTube Channel, cwx37, specialized on highly realistic (both appearance and mechanical) radio-controlled models of trucks (namely Tatra) and other utility vehicles. Here you can find video reports from public presentations of our RC club with emphasis on technical and artistic quality of videos and catching the atmosphere of the meetings. Some of the video reports come from meetings of historic trucks in the Czech Republic. Members of our RC club are invited every year.

How about mounting a small action camera onto a selfie-stick and directly onto an RC truck?
How will it behave off-road?
It went well, some of the camera angles are very interesting.
The selfie-stick is reasonably springy, it does not wobble around too much as Tatra drives through the obstacles.
The camera also picks the pure sound Tatra 130 nicely.

RC Tatra Models at our construction site at Beskyd Kit Show 2018.
On Sunday, there were only Tatra models present: Tatra 130 6x6, Tatra 138 Dc031 6x6 cable excavator, Tatra 148 S1 6x6, Tatra 815 CAS32 6x6 firetruck, Tatra 815 VE Ostry-I 6x6 Dakar 1986, Tatra 815 Dakar 4x4
We had a soft wet sand that perfectly fit our models.
Btw. listen to the kid saying "Tatra" with excelent Czech pronunciation at 0:24 ;) .
At 2:20-2:40 Watch closely the movement of swinging axles of the Tatra models as they drive through the sandy terrain.

I've been after this die cast model of the Land Rover Discovery II for years. It's a 1/18 die cast model made by Motormax in 2004. Quite hard to obtain after 14 years ;) . After the photo-shooting I must admit the model is very photogenic. Its green metal paint looks awesome on the spring-green moss.

Wondering what's the relation between 1951 Tatra 130 and a 2004 Land Rover Discovery II? The answer is in the video - Tatra 130 usually travels inside a Land Rover. For the first time a Discovery was transported on the platform of Tatra 130.

The full story: http://www.drracer.eu/t130/20180422_lr

This video is (almost) completely unrelated to RC truck models, but it was such a beautiful experience I had to share it with you :) .

For Model Olomouc 2018 - Sunday - RC Rock Crusher Model

The opening scene shows a powerfull rock crusher model that transforms large pieces of real concrete into fine stones
Then, there is some more off-road cargo transport with Tatra 6x6 trucks.
In the end, a 8x6 Mercedes Benz truck rolled over from a steep slope and has been recovered with a precisely controlled Liebherr wheel loader.

Read more at: http://www.drracer.eu/t130/20180304_olomouc/index.html


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