RC Tatra Models at our construction site at Beskyd Kit Show 2018.
On Sunday, there were only Tatra models present: Tatra 130 6x6, Tatra 138 Dc031 6x6 cable excavator, Tatra 148 S1 6x6, Tatra 815 CAS32 6x6 firetruck, Tatra 815 VE Ostry-I 6x6 Dakar 1986, Tatra 815 Dakar 4x4
We had a soft wet sand that perfectly fit our models.
Btw. listen to the kid saying "Tatra" with excelent Czech pronunciation at 0:24 ;) .
At 2:20-2:40 Watch closely the movement of swinging axles of the Tatra models as they drive through the sandy terrain.