The time is now. Check out my new Valentine’s Day music video for “Sweet As Sugar" released worldwide right now!

This music video comes just in time for Valentine’s Day to remind you that love can survive anything.

Valentine’s Day is usually at a time of year to celebrate love. Love is difficult to define, difficult to find, and even more difficult to survive. Love can make us strong but also weak. Love can get boring, even safe, and can be taken for granted.

This new music video tells the story of a couple once so strong that is now going through hardship. One was weak. One was strong. Only the strength of love can allow it to endure. But will it though??

This video is about the power of love. Valentine’s Day is usually considered a happy time. The video’s plot is about a rocky relationship with an emphasis on a lover who is stays steadfast by their lover’s side with unwavering love and support.