Kopřivnické dny techniky (aka Days of technics in Koprivnice in English) is a presentation day of several technology companies and schools to attract young people to study technics.

It was being held for the fourth time in Kopřivnice, Czech Republic, on the famous testing polygon of Tatra trucks company.

As always, RC models were a part of the show. In this video Tatra 130 was turned into a movie truck - she had a Rollei ActionCam camera mounted behind the cabin (looking forward, right, left and also to the back during a rescue operation).
The video shots look very interesting themself. From the perspective of the model truck you can watch other trucks driving through the sandy model landscape.
Moreover, you can clearly hear my Tatra 130's sound simulator as she drives through the model terrain - including up and down gear shifts ;) .

Looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming RC events :) .