Wow, you’re actually reading the FAQ! Smart move – we’re continuously updating it with your most frequently asked questions so you get answers instantly instead of waiting for a response.

Why should I follow a star as a VIP member on StarPower?

Because you love your favorite stars, and want to do great things in the world! Stars on StarPower get closer to VIP fans than anywhere else on the internet, it’s like a private fan club with way more one-on-one time, exclusive invites, giveaways, and more. Top VIP fans get noticed on StarPower, and rewarded by the stars themselves! And, you know that you’re making a significant contribution towards the charitable causes that they care most about.

What sets StarPower apart from Twitter, Facebook, or other social media?

Celebrities are swamped under a firehose of attention from all their fans on existing social media, and are limited in what they can actually share. StarPower VIP subscribers are part of an exclusive club of super-fans that get personal time with their favorite stars, exclusive access to tickets and giveaways right in their StarPower feed, and early access to news, photos, images and more. Picture a red velvet rope, then being on the inside of it. It’s like that, but digital.

What charities does StarPower support?

StarPower is a big donor as well! We support the following organizations:

  • Reach out Worldwide
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Safety Harbor Kids
Why do I have to pay to be a VIP fan for each celebrity?

Each celebrity gives a lot of personal time and valuable tickets, giveaways and more to their fans on StarPower. If we split a single subscription between stars it wouldn’t really be fair to the stars and their charities, they could only get pennies for their work. Your subscription to every celebrity helps every one of their chosen causes.

How is billing and renewals handled?

Each VIP subscription is valid for one month from the date you purchased it. If you cancel a VIP subscription somewhere in the middle of that month, it will still be valid until one month after the date you purchased it. All active VIP subscriptions will be renewed on your Renewal Date, which is the date of your first VIP subscription.

So, if you follow your first celebrity on July 5th, you’ll pay your single month’s subscription that will renew on August 5th (the Renewal Date). If you follow another star on July 6th, you’ll pay for a second subscription. One month from the first subscription date, both of your subscriptions will renew – in this case they will both renew on August 5th. However, both subscriptions are always good for a full month from the date each of them was started, so if you cancel both subscriptions on August 20th, then your first subscription is good until September 5th and the second one is good until September 6th.

What are VIP Points?

VIP points are how you show a celebrity you’re their BIGGEST fan! You get VIP points for commenting, liking, entering competitions, and sharing posts. Fans with the most VIP points get even more special perks from stars, who will notice that you’re one of their biggest fans.

Where does my VIP subscription money go?

Your VIP subscription goes first and foremost to the stars and their charitable causes. Of the share going to the celebrities, we require that at least 20% of their money goes to the charities they list. Most give ALL of it to charity. StarPower also needs to take a share of the revenue to keep the platform up and running (just like the App Store), but we hold ourselves to the same high standards as celebrities by making significant donations to our own partner charities which are listed here.