About Us

Celebrities today have an unmatched power to do great things in the world. With the eyes and ears of the world, they can be the public voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Your favourite celebrities are using StarPower to raise money for their causes by giving exclusive new content and experiences to fans, building closer relationships than ever before. You can join this ‘Star Power’ of celebrities to do good in the world, just by using social media.

What is StarPower?

Imagine being able to hang out with your favorite celebrity - when they're out at the club, having lunch with their friends or attending glamourous award shows. StarPower lets you get in their exclusive inner circle, all the time, online.

StarPower gets you access to exclusive new types of content, private invitations, one-on-one engagement, and a front row seat to the hottest news.

Celebrities are making a difference in the world by supporting and promoting the causes they care about - and you can join them. How? By following a celebrity you support the causes they support.

On StarPower, celebrities notice their ‘superfans’ and reward them with never before heard of perks, including one-on-one conversations, exclusive invitations to hang out, behind the scene information and VIP access into their lives.

How does it work?

It’s easy to get closer than ever before to your favorite celebrities!

  • Sign Up for a free account!
  • Find and follow your favorite celebrities to join in the conversation, like and share content, and hear the latest news!
  • Become a VIP fan to get access to tickets, giveaways, and start collecting VIP points to work your way towards being your star’s #1 fan!

Who are we?

Launching from Calgary, Alberta, with operations in Los Angeles, California, and developed by BlueChilli, an international incubator and venture investment firm, StarPower lets the closest fans of a celebrity get exclusive VIP access to one-on-one experiences, events, giveaways, tickets, and more. For celebrities, StarPower offers a simple interface for managing all their social media, free and premium, from one simple dashboard.

Why are we doing it?

StarPower is the largest philanthropic endeavour in social media history. We want to create steady, reliable, constant income streams for charitable ventures all over the world, breaking the boom-and-bust uncertainty of funding that stops charities from focusing on what matters most: helping those in need.

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